Meet Our Administration

Our incredible administration runs Colearn and creates an educational experience that every family will enjoy.


Amber Robinson

Executive Director

It is an honor to serve as the Executive Director at Colearn Academy. I have been in education since 2006, and online since 2010, in various roles such as teacher, special education, curriculum development, college professor, and homeschool mom of 5! Knowing that we have the opportunity to support and encourage families wanting to receive a more personalized and student-led education makes me passionate about my role at Colearn.


Karen Thompson

Director of Engagement

I love my role of welcoming and supporting new families, as well as partnering with our families to bring fun activities, field trips and more to them! I have been working in Education since 2007. During the pandemic, we moved to Arizona and my focus turned to homeschooling my own kids. I fell in love with the world of parent-led education and jumped at the opportunity to join Colearn Academy!

Deanne Jeffries

Deanne Jeffries

Director of Administration

During the pandemic, we became a homeschool family and found the flexibility provided by Colearn Academy to be a perfect fit for us. Since working at Colearn, I have watched the academy grow to a fully accredited charter school that covers the entire State of Arizona. I am proud to be a part of this incredible school that gives parents the control over what is being taught to their children in a manner that best suits their student's individuality.


Rachel Alm

Director of Student Services

It's a joy to serve as Colearn's school counselor, helping support student and family success. As a long time educator, mother, and outside the box thinker, I knew immediately that Colearn offered something special, and I had to be a part of it! Our unique model supports student and family wellbeing in many ways--academically, social emotionally, physically--and we love seeing our students thrive in our learning environment!

Meet Our Teachers

Unlike a lot of other virtual schools, Colearn Academy Arizona has Certified Teachers available to offer 1:1 support for your family.

Courtney Cullen

K - 3rd Content Lead

I began teaching elementary as soon as I graduated with my credential in 2006 and fell in love with it. I taught in a classroom for 12 years in K - 3rd grades. I am so happy that I can continue with my passion of elementary education with the unique model of Colearn. I now homeschool my own children and I truly love being able to come alongside other homeschool families and support them by doing what I love!

Stephanie Sansone

4th - 5th Content Lead & MOWR Coordinator

My journey in education started in 2006 as a first grade teacher in WA state. I spent five fun filled years as a classroom teacher before becoming a reading interventionist. Shortly after moving to Arizona, the pandemic led me to homeschooling my two kids, where I found a wonderful community of families. I love my role supporting our Colearn elementary students and parents, and feel so lucky to be here!

Taylor Bennett

Math Content Lead & Testing Coordinator

I have been working in education since 2013 as a math teacher for middle and high school. In 2019, I began working online and enjoyed being able to provide a great educational experience to families. As my own children came of school age, I dove into the homeschool world, which led me to Colearn Academy. I am so happy to be a part of our families home education journeys, which offers individualized instruction and support to meet students where they are.

Keshia Case

ELA & Social Studies Content Lead

I love learning and everyday I get to teach is a gift for me. I started working in education as a college teaching assistant. Through this experience, I learned from my professors the importance of mentoring students towards their academic goals. It is my pleasure to serve Colearn students and their families on their educational journey.

Priscilla Goma

Special Education

My journey in education in 2004 began with a desire to understand and support diverse learning needs.  During my 13 years in the classroom, I gained invaluable experience that I later brought into my work with homeschooling families and early intervention programs. This diverse journey has led me to watch the growth and breakthroughs of my students. I love being a part of the Colearn family and am so fortunate to be working alongside a team that prioritizes student success and well-being.

Melissa Cigelske

Reading Interventionist

I absolutely love my job as the Reading Interventionist for Colearn. I love teaching dyslexic students how to improve their reading skills and seeing the lightbulbs go on, their confidence grow and most of all when they pick up a book to read for pleasure. I truly have the best job in the world and am blessed to work with an amazing staff at Colearn. They always put students’ needs first.

Meet Our Support Staff

Our support staff works closely with the administrators, teachers, students, and parents to help the academy in many areas.

Sarah Galbreth

Sarah Galbreth

Enrollment & Marketing

Working at Colearn and helping families cater to their kids' educational needs at home has been a dream job! I started out as a teacher in 2009, took a break to start a family and had no idea it would lead me all to the homeschooling route - not only for my own children, but to dive into a career of helping other families learn from home. It is such an honor to work at Colearn, and it gives me so much joy as we help each family thrive at home.

Leanne Schinella

Leanne Schinella

Secondary Support Staff

I've been involved in education since 2001, and my passion for teaching has only grown stronger over the years. My teaching philosophy revolves around fostering a growth mindset and leveraging students' passions to increase their ownership in their education journey. As both a homeschool and public school mom, I understand the unique dynamics of various educational settings and bring a diverse perspective to the classroom. I am thrilled to be part of the dedicated team at Colearn Academy, where we can create an inspiring and innovative learning environment for our students

Nicole Sellars

Nicole Sellars

Accounts Manager

Karen Allender

Karen Allender

Reading Coach

I really enjoy working with students toward their reading goals! I began working in education in 2015, wearing many hats. I've been a paraprofessional, library clerk and a behavior specialist. I am also a homeschool mom. I appreciate what Colearn Academy provides to our students in order to help them become successful in their educational career!

Dark Waves

Marissa Dobbs

Math Coach